Multi-Stage Sewage Pumps

Vereeniging and Vaal Triangle


WQ Multi-stage sewage pumps                                           WQ Multi-stage sewage pumps


Model Power Outlet Max. Flow Max. Head PRICE Excl.
Three-Phase kW HP (Inch) (m3/h) (m)
WQ20-75/3-92 92 12.5 2 39 87 Contact For Price
WQ20-90/3-11 11 15 2 40 105 Contact For Price


WQ Multi-stage sewage pumps. Multi-stage. Vereeniging. Vaal Triangle. Vaal


Multi-Stage pumps have different stages of pumping liquid through the components.

These pumps build pressure within the pump that moves the contents a longer distance, and are normally used in places where constant pressure and flow is required, such as industrial applications.



  • Commercial/Industrial use.
  • Drainage of sewage from the building basements, hotel. Industry waste water from factories
  • Pumping surface and draining water from the garages and sprinkler systems
  • Being equipped with a single-channel impeller
  • Big flow, high speed

Operating Conditions

  • Submersible depth: 5m
  • Liquid temperature up to +40°C
  • Ambient temperature up to +40°C
  • Max. working pressure: 21 Bar
  • Passage of suspended solid up to 12.5mm
  • pH level from 4-10
  • Maximum liquid density 1.2×10³kg/m³
  • Voltage fluctuation range ±10%


  • 2-Pole induction motor
  • Three-phase: 50Hz
  • Insulation: Class E
  • Protection: IP X8

Application Fields

WQ Multi-stage sewage pumps are widely applied in industry, agriculture, mining, construction, municipal, and environmental protection, etc. They are suitable for draining water containing particles such as short fibers, paper scraps, etc. and soft solids, such as muddy water, dirty water, and domestic wastewater, as well as sewage and manure, etc. They are therefore ideal equipment for agricultural irrigation and drainage, pool silt cleaning and site construction, but do not apply to the location with explosion-proof requirements.

Features of the WQ Multi-stage sewage pumps

  • Large power submersible sewage pumps, the standard flange outlet.
  • Double channel impeller, good flowing capacity, excellent hydraulic performance.
  • Stainless steel shaft extension and carbide double side mechanical sealing.


Can also be used for Fire-fighting equipment from surface dams or rivers etc.


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