Deep Well Pumps

Performance Range

  • Max. Flow: 22m³/h
  • Max. Head: 454m

Application Limits

  • Max.ambient temperature< 40°C
  • Sand content ( in mass fraction ) up to 0.01%
  • Hydrogen sulfide content up to 1.5mg/L, chloride ion content up to 400mg/L
  • pH 6.5 to 805
  • Maximum: 70 m below the static water table.


CE certified

Application Fields

  • Building/construction work/Domestic water supply
  • Irrigation and small water work
  • Landscaping
  • Water conservancy system
  • Factory.


  • Edible oil filled motor, stable & reliable running with pressure regulating membrane
  • Single phase motor equipped with start box with built in capacitor & current mode thermal protector, convenient for replacement
  • Available with cable with motor plug, dissemble conveniently
  • Pump sleeve with screw thread, single stage floating impellers, except 16m³/hrs series with integrated stage floating impellers
  • Installation in 4″ or larger boreholes
  • We have a large range of different pumps for different boreholes, different flows, at different head ranges from 1.2m³ p/h to 20m³ p/h on 100mm borehole pumps with heads up to 350m depending on application.





25uF/450V AC

No. Component  Material
 1 Discharge Chamber Brass, Casting
 2 Impeller POM
 3 Guide Vanes  PC
 4 Pump Sleeve  Stainless Steel
 5 Shaft Coupling  Stainless Steel
 6 Inlet Part  Brass, Casting
 7 Oil Chamber  Brass, Casting, Stainless Steel
 8 Stator  —
 9 Pressure Regulating Membrane  NBR
 10 Lower Sliding Bearing 0.37~0.75 kW:6303
3~7.5kW:7304B DT
11 Rotor  AISI 304 + Steel 45#
 12 Upper Sliding Bearing  6203
 13 Mechanical Seal  118-16/26 S:K(PC)
 14 Cable Joint  —
 15 Cable Guard  Stainless Steel
 16 Pump Shaft  Stainless Steel
 17 Shaft Sleeve  Ceramic
 18 Rubber Bearing  PEUR
 19 Check Valve  PC

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